What they didn’t teach you at Uni!

Here is a preview of the book: NQT Mini Guide – What they didn’t teach you at uni

You’ve come to this page for a number of reasons! Let me use my super teacher powers to work it out, I figure it’s one of the following options:

  • You are intrigued as to whether our help guide for NQTs is going to help
  • You have followed an interesting link about improving teaching
  • You have already read the book and want to find out more about the authors or how the guide came about

Let’s take one point at a time…

Is the guide helpful for NQTs?

Yes! As two teachers with varying teaching experience, we have included in this short ‘What they didn’t teach you at Uni!’ guide for NQTs lots of the basic things you can sometimes be unsure about. The entire guide is based on what we struggled with as teachers when we began our careers, and therefore what we felt would be useful to have known more about when we were NQTs or NQTs +1!

Can it allow me to improve my teaching?

This guide isn’t just about improving your teaching, it is more giving you real life stories and strategies to use in all the other areas of which make up being a better all-round teacher. Managing your time better, frank and real behaviour management, treating lesson observations and drop ins the right way and learning the best way to deal with parents!

Who on earth are you two?

Both Jamie and I come from a similar background, brought up in Sussex Jamie attended Primary, Middle and High School in Worthing, and Luke attended Primary, Middle and High School in Shoreham-by-sea. We both had a love for working with children, however it wasn’t a straight forward jump into a teaching degree for us both.

I (Luke) attended two colleges before finding my true interest, I knew I would make a good teacher however spent a lot of time socialising and studying subjects which ultimately didn’t assist me in my career today. I finally completed a sports coaching course at Chichester University which led to working for a sports coaching company who delivered PE lessons to schools who lacked teachers who were keen to lead PE in the curriculum.

I really enjoyed the role, however I longed to be working as a class teacher – not just teaching PE all day every day. I was lucky that I had contact with my old head teacher and emailed him about possible career advice. I visited his school for a meeting, and by the end of the meeting he had planned how I was going to get my teaching degree part time whilst working at his school as support staff. I’ve never looked back, I am now approaching my tenth year in the school!

Having worked through a variety of positions from support staff, to HLTA to experienced year 6 teacher I have seen a lot in my ten years. I have seen certain fads in teaching come and go already, the ‘fluffy’ ideas enter the teaching industry which claim to be the be all and end all solution to everything – when really they aren’t.

I chose to join Jamie writing this mini guide for newly qualified teachers largely because this is the kind of real life, no nonsense book I looked for but could never find. Too many teaching advice books cram themselves with so much theory, it isn’t any good for you as a teacher – only useful for when you are training!

I hope you find the guide helpful, and if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements please contact us on the links at the bottom!

Thanks for your time!

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