Advice for NQTs

What they didn't teach you at uni I am currently writing some short no nonsense guides for NQTs, with a colleague of mine. Cutting through the fluffy stuff you learn at university and instead giving you the nitty gritty real life tips on areas that I certainly felt unprepared to deal with in my first... Continue Reading →

Talent or Grit?

I've been spending a lot of my time developing my approach to teaching resilience, grit and determination. It is hard, first of all, to find the time in the school timetable to be able to make time for teaching this. It is harder (even still) to teach it effectively! As teachers, it is important to... Continue Reading →

Think big

Risk taking, dangerous game to play. Can't guarantee what will happen. Don't trust the other options. No security. Don't be so silly. Think about it. What if you were to change a few minor things in your day, your week or even your weekend. Stop laying out the pros and cons! Follow your heart, do... Continue Reading →

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