Primary School Homework Grids

There are always many opinions given on homework. Some primary schools are dead set against any formal homework, some schools have a strict regime, some a loose regime. Homework has always been that area which appears in parent surveys, either children are not given enough homework - or children are given too much homework. It's... Continue Reading →

The Helix Approach. UK Maths vs. The World

How to get better at teaching Maths; a whole school approach. As educators we can all appreciate that a solid mathematical foundation can not only enhance learning in many subjects, it is also a commonly used key skill in a variety of forms across our working and social life. The UK traditionally underperforms in the... Continue Reading →


MyMaths Review

Hey everyone. So, MyMaths. is an online subscription service which is used by myself and my school to frequently support Maths lesson starters, whole class teaching, plenaries, game based learning and as a resource children can use at home for homework and general learning. It allows you to work through virtual worksheets, a real... Continue Reading →

Returning to School

It's here. The end of the holidays. It's arrived. To those who spent every day of the holidays doing something school related, I salute you for the hard work and commitment to be the best. To those who spent every day of the holiday not thinking about school one single iota, I salute you for... Continue Reading →

Gender-Less Teaching

Gender-neutral teaching is currently at the fore front of research, and is stoking the fires of opinions. As professionals we consider ourselves to be hot on such things as gender stereotyping, and often challenge differing opinions. Or do we just think we do?

Think big

Risk taking, dangerous game to play. Can't guarantee what will happen. Don't trust the other options. No security. Don't be so silly. Think about it. What if you were to change a few minor things in your day, your week or even your weekend. Stop laying out the pros and cons! Follow your heart, do... Continue Reading →

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