Resilient Writers

Explaining the above image

Input is vital. Consider stimulus, setting ‘No Excuses’ target and sharing good ideas with the whole class.

Drafting is a vital skill in developing independent writers. Promoting the use of writing resources and keeping a suitable distance is vital at this stage. The children need time and space to develop their ideas away from the teacher.

Editing is a skill that must be taught. Once children get the hang of it, they will flourish as independent writers. Children need to be aware of their writing targets however, and also praised for going the extra mile in terms of their own editing.

Discussion is vital in all learning environments. Asking a pupil to explain, and justify, their editing and how it has improved their first draft. The trick is to leave all the children in the class feeling confident in their ability to edit, but also left feeling motivated to achieve even more. Whole class feedback can work well as a general snapshot, especially if time is tight.

Publishing their work is important for the children to feel they have completed their work. Don’t force this however, only publish if their is ample time available. Handwriting can be a focus at this stage, but not as important at the previous stages. Children have to know that sometimes things can be scruffy, but sometimes things need to be well presented. That is the real world. Push home the point about not ignoring or changing their editing as they go, and (I repeat) give the children ample time to achieve this well.

When marking, don’t MARK as such. Read through their work, write a thing or two that you like about their work. Then set 1 or 2 targets based on how to get them to the next steps of their current targets.

Resilient writers are on their way.

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