Primary School Display Inspiration

Primary School  GridI tell you what, I bloody hate putting up displays. It makes me sick with envy seeing the incredible things my colleagues manage to do! I am lucky that Mm school is filled with incredible display ideas and inspirations. So I thought I’d share them with you all.

I am not responsible for most (any) of the displays in these pictures. However, felt that my talented colleagues needed to be celebrated…in the hope it’ll inspire others as well.

A lot of these displays have taken home made resources, and images mixed with resources found on sites such as twinkl (amongst others). But I guess, why re-invent the wheel!

The large characters in their various forms are painted on MDF and then cut out by our talented care taker.

You’ll notice lots of blank space on some displays, that is because they are awaiting some amazing work from September to go on the display!

The following displays are from Year 3:


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