Thank you Damien Hinds

That is probably what most people would be saying, based on the headlines in certain media outlets. This is certainly not what those working in teaching are saying however.

Let’s look at the headlines that were being read by millions of people across the UK, following the announcement that teachers will indeed get a long awaited pay rise.

Classroom teachers up to 3.5% pay rise – BBC News

Pay rise for workers including teachers, police and… | Daily Mail Online

Teachers are now paid an average salary of £38,400 | Daily Mail Online

(Ok, the second Daily Mail one is not about the pay rise…but what one earth are they on about. All I can think is that they’ve included massive Chief Executive pay for very large academy chains, and worked out the primary school mean average taking into account those extremes? Even then…WHAT THE HELL!)

Public sector workers ‘set for 3.5 per cent wage hike … – The Telegraph

Majority of teachers face below-inflation pay rise … – The Guardian

Teachers to receive 3.5% pay rise as public sector … – The Independent

Pay rise for 1million workers as Government announces … – The Sun

Now yes some of you hardened political teachers will tell me that the differences between ‘right wing’ and ‘left wing’ papers have been apparent since time began.

I am aware of it, however thought it was interesting nonetheless to see the different journalistic takes on the story. Although that second Daily Mail one, don’t get me started again. Shocking, it truly is; is it no wonder that certain sections of the public love a good teacher bashing?

So anyway, let us celebrate the 3.5% pay rise.


Oh wait, no it isn’t for all teachers.

College teachers?

Forget it, you must be hated even less than me (Year 6 teacher).

Yay for the rest of us!

Upper pay scale?

Sorry, only 2% pay rise for you – but still, a pay rise right!?

The rest of us are laughing for sure now…


Sorry just 1.5% for you.

It is in fact only 40% of teachers that will receive the above inflation pay rise – potentially by September 2019.

60% of teachers will once again go on with a less than inflation pay rise, on top of too many years without any pay rises.

So the government are set to give a varied pay increase to teachers across the country (not you college teachers, savage), but at the same time close the gap on the highest earners ever so slightly. That’s almost socialism?! (!)

In terms of fairness the higher earners getting less of a pay increase is slightly unfair, considering the last time they had a pay rise was the same as everyone else. However, I can understand the thinking; senior teaching staff are on a larger pay already therefore the teachers on the lower pay scale need the bigger boost financially.

Sort of makes sense.

And yet, we know that it won’t inspire potential leaders to drive forward with their careers in teaching over from various backgrounds, if they know their top earning can only go so far – without a pay rise for another 10 years (based on government policies from the last 10 years anyway!).

My main concern is where the money is coming from. It has been widely reported that the first 1% of the pay rise will have to come from the school’s budget, which isn’t being increased. Why the first 1%? Does that mean that if the school can’t find the 1%, then the government won’t give staff the further 2.5%?

So say the school manages to find enough in their budget to give all their teaching staff a 1% pay rise. The government then give the staff a further 2.5% pay rise. Where is that 2.5% coming from? It is being found in the Department of Education budget already. So the government is truly screwing us over now.

They are giving us teachers a well over due, and earned, pay rise. It is being paid from our dwindling budgets and from our national education government.


Does that mean I don’t want the pay rise? It isn’t that, it’s that I wish I never needed a pay rise. My young family need the pay rise. Morally I am in a quandary.

I’ve heard this a few times over the past week: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.

Peter has no education, and Paul doesn’t earn enough to cope with the ever increasing bills.

So no Mr. Hinds, we do not see you as a decent guy taking teaching serious.

We see you as an insult to the teaching profession; how dare you insult our intelligence?


These are the only options I can see at the moment

  1. Vote the Tories out
  2. Move Abroad
  3. Find a new career

Mr. Ozzy.

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