Creating a children’s blog

IMG_4686.PNGSo, if there isn’t enough to do in Autumn term – leading up to Christmas…I thought I’d give the children an opportunity to publish their own blog.

Having got to grips with the blog over the past few years, I felt my (still limited) expertise could be used to assist them. We had one short session on blog writing. We decided as a class the following things:

  • Name of the blog
  • Images to use
  • Subjects to write about – school life
  • We would ensure our blogs were not just informative – but also filled with their personal opinions on a varied school life topic

I couldn’t believe how much they went for it, I only gave them 30 minutes writing time and they’ve produced enough material to keep the blog going for a number of months already. Our aim is to post on the blog twice a week.

What was particularly pleasing for me, was that even the lower ability children were keen to get their words down and share their opinions. Sometimes writing completely independently – without any given structure – can be extremely demotivating for them. This was not the case with this task. The class were so excited by the prospect of producing something which could get published on a website – they didn’t hold back.

The children covered a massive range of school life topics, including:

  • Sports events
  • Children’s roles and responsibilities
  • Clubs (sport, go kart, languages, STEM – to mention a few)
  • School facilities (Library, cookery room and ICT suite)
  • Dance shows
  • Drama productions
  • ¬†School trips
  • Year six topics
  • Art at school
  • Charity events

All in just a short half an hour session with 27 children. I have been so impressed with them.

You can find the site at:

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