MyMaths Review

Hey everyone.

So, MyMaths. is an online subscription service which is used by myself and my school to frequently support Maths lesson starters, whole class teaching, plenaries, game based learning and as a resource children can use at home for homework and general learning.

It allows you to work through virtual worksheets, a real differentiation option (from KS1 to GCSE), and also step by step guidelines allowing for teaching to be as easy as possible. There is even a particular area designed for SATs assessment and learning.

The access to the content is carefully split into key numeracy areas; I have always found the navigation through the various areas and content to be a breeze. When selecting your chosen area, you are then presented with a series of subtopics to choose from. Each subtopic is filled with relevant lessons designed for whiteboard delivery, and plenty of puzzles and games which can allow for a good interaction with the class throughout.

Although in class I do use it a lot, I find the way that parents and children can practice at home and work through homework together to be a priceless resource. Once you’ve chosen your homework class for your pupils, you can then set deadlines, leave tips, and track who has attempted the homework and how much they’ve completed. This is invaluable, no need for marking! If a pupil finds it tricky, the homework always has an attached lesson – which talks step by step how to work out the questions.

I find the children love the interactive part of the website, and being able to access the entire content – above and beyond the homework – means children can use it as a source of entertainment as well.

I think one of the most useful sections of this online resource would be the SATs assessments and boosters. These provide detailed lessons, revision notes and a wide range of tasks and games that focus on the trickier concepts that need to be understood before moving on.

Overall, the children really enjoying using MyMaths in class and at home. The downside to any online homework system, is the fact that some children in our school do not have access to the internet or a working computer very often. This means they can’t complete their homework as well – as they do not have access to the same support as those who can access it online. This said, the positives outweigh the negatives in my opinion – and will really make an impact to Maths teaching in a school where there is no system in place.myMaths-logo

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