Returning to School

It’s here. The end of the holidays. It’s arrived.

To those who spent every day of the holidays doing something school related, I salute you for the hard work and commitment to be the best.

To those who spent every day of the holiday not thinking about school one single iota, I salute you for enjoying the holidays your way.

To those who spent too much money, for things our government should be providing, to ensure their class have the best chance of learning, I salute you.

To those who went in for a few days here and there, I also salute you.

However, which ever category you fall into – if any – we are all heading to school at some point very soon (if not already). For me, it’s tomorrow.

I have been into school on and off over the holidays, probably for a grand total of 6 hours. My year 6 classroom is display ready, lesson plan ready, seating plan first draft ready, literally everything is ready to go.

Mentally and psychologically, this is probably a different story.

I know I cannot be any more ready than I already am, however I cannot help but feel unprepared. Although, I popped into school on Friday for fifteen minutes. I had left a book I wanted to read over the weekend, and I had heard the staff loos had been re-decorated so wanted to be nosy.

Firstly, toilets look great! Gleaming white tiles floor to ceiling and the first time in the almost ten years i’ve been there that such a thing as happened! Secondly, I was a bit nosy in other people’s classes. Looking for inspiration, seeing what things I could steal for my self and generally comparing my preparation to others.

Needless to say, there is a vast difference in readiness. In a large junior school (we have almost 600 on role last time I checked), we have 20 classrooms. Some classes look ready and incredible, some classes look almost prepared, some classrooms literally haven’t been touched. Like – not been touched – a single bit – since the last child walked out. It’s as though the teacher just got up and left with the children at the end of the day!

These ‘untouched’ classrooms literally still have the thankfully received, but ultimately unwanted, ‘BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD’ mugs. Even a bottle of prosecco, i’m not sure how they do it. That prosecco would’ve been finished in about 8 minutes after the kids had left my classroom!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m honestly in awe over their impressive ‘switchoffability’. I am envious, I have no idea what will go on in your head tomorrow on inset day when you realise all the to-do lists which appear after meetings and staff trainings about the numerous changes which occur every year.

Ofsted is also looming, I need some of this ‘switchoffability’ bottled up. I think if I found a way to bottle it up, I could retire on the income. Perhaps, it’s already bottled up, and it’s more alcohol than anything else?

I agree this is more a ramble, than anything else…not totally sure reading this will cause any sort of enlightenment.

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