Schools Direct – First Half Term Complete

So, after a long journey to get onto the Schools Direct course (formerly GTP) – I am now one sixth of the way through. What a five weeks I have had so far, and I am loving every moment! (Please ask me again around the first deadline for the assignment!)

I started teaching Literacy and Mathematics daily, interspersed with PE and Science. I am probably doing slightly more than the course suggests teaching wise, however I am pleased with how it’s going. I had a lot of experience of teaching prior to the course, which has left me confident. A normal day for me over the last five weeks has been:

  • Arrive at school at 7am
  • Prepare lessons for the day
  • Check marking
  • Update pupil and class tracking
  • Plan lessons for up and coming days
  • Children start appearing in schools from 8.15am
  • Registration 8:45pm
  • Usually it’s either admin time, discussion, reading or assembly
  • Literacy starts at 9:10 and runs till 10:10
  • Sometimes I have break duty between 10:10 and 10:30
  • Followed by Mathematics and sometimes PE
  • At 11:30 I am usually finished teaching for the day
  • The rest of the day involves marking, observing others, school training programme
  • It’s non stop, and then you have an after school club to attend and run most days
  • Home at a reasonable 5pm

I am looking forward to spending the next two weeks at University, where we are going to be doing a lot of work based on the NC. I presume that it will be based on the new curriculum.

I had my first three observations over the last weeks, two were from my mentor in Literacy (in which I got a good!) and Mathematics (in which I got a good, with outstanding features). Thursday I had my first joint observation (mentor and university tutor), and it was teaching the conventions of a newspaper to set four (out of 6) literacy. I felt the lesson went very well, and was expecting a good, however was pleasantly surprised to be told it was Outstanding.

What a way to finish my first five weeks teaching. Here’s to the rest of the year.

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